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FREE PICKUP - We provide free pickup on items to be stored for at least 3 months or more. 
Pick up locations must be within 15 miles of our storage facility. Restrictions on selected sizes. See manager for details. Packaging materials not included.

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​         ​Storage Tips -

  • Avoid over-packing boxes and avoid a slipped disc… keep the weight of moving boxes to a minimum.
  • Carefully wrap breakables individually in bubble wrap/plain newspaper.
  • Place heavier items on the bottom of the box. Place heavier boxes at the bottom of your box stack in your room.
  • Label all boxes on each side and keep a list for yourself of what is in each box.  This will enable you to easily locate an item when needed.
  • Pack heavier items, such as books, in smaller boxes for easy lifting. Pack books on side not on spine.
  • Be sure to fill all boxes to the top either with bubble wrap, plain newspaper or another type of filler, so boxes will not collapse when stacked.
  • Use wardrobe boxes for clothing.
  • Do not store any toxins or flammables. This may include paint, oil, or gasoline.
  • Furniture with drawers can be used to store items. Additionally, you can place boxes on top of furniture after padding or placing plastic wrap on the top.
  • Use sturdy packing boxes designed for storage.
  • Use packing tape to seal boxes in order to keep out dust

Available: ​​Short & Long Term Storage / Short Term storage is offered free on all long-distance moves for up to one month. Long Term storage is anything greater than one month.

Our goal is to provide our tenants with a clean, secure environment for their belongings. Our warehouse storage keeps things as simple as 123 – we pick up your things, store them, and bill you monthly.

There is no need for you to bring your things to a storage facility, buy a lock and be bothered with maintaining your space. By working with Keystone for your moving and storage needs, we do all the work FOR you.

When storing us, you can expect:

- Secure and Climate controlled storage

- Warehouseman on-site

- Leases are month-to-month

- Commercial Pickups/Deliveries Accepted

- Palletizing & Temporary Storage available.

- Loading Dock Access

- Competitive Rates

- Dedication to your satisfaction

​Local Movers ​Moving & Storage Services in Philadelphia

Keystone movers storage facility, provides secure, small or large, short and long term storage to residents moving in or around the local Philadelphia area.

Our storage facility is a well-maintained infrastructure that is secure and guarded by security cameras and staff 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

Storage Service in Philadelphia, PA -

At Keystone Moving, we provide a full range of storage services right in Philadelphia, and we’ve been providing those services to businesses and residential clients throughout the area since 1991. Our efficient crews can move your items to and from storage safely and even on short notice  when you schedule storage or retrieval, you can rest assured that we’ll be on time, every time.

Whether you need to store items short or long term, call the Philadelphia, PA, storage service at  Keystone. Speak with your Moving consultant about these options and how we can help. Moving today to discuss your options. We’re available Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm, and Saturday, 8am - 2pm.

Please feel free to stop by or schedule a tour of our storage facility.

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