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Total Protection
Full Replacement Value Insurance.

For customers who are seeking full protection for their goods while in transit, one option is a third party insurer. Very often, your homeowner’s insurance will cover moving from one residence to another, so please check with your broker.

Otherwise, we recommend and Baker Insurance. This coverage needs to be obtained prior to the actual move day.

Certificate Of Insurance
Many apartment buildings require that movers supply them with a Certificate of Insurance (COI). This insurance protects the owner of the building and is unrelated to any insurance related to your belongings. Please be sure to speak with your relocation consultant so that we can supply your building with a COI.

Exclusions For Valuation (Insurance) Coverage
Keystone  is not responsible for the following:

Items of extraordinary value not listed on the High Value Inventory form provided by your insurer
Any items NOT packed by Keystone
Mechanical condition of audio/visual or electronic equipment
Computers or battery operated items in transit or storage
Pressboard or particle board furniture (includes many furniture items purchased from Ikea or Staples)
Previously damaged or repaired items
Previously damaged or loose veneer
Plants (live, dried or artificial)

Insurance For Your Peace Of  Mind


Keystone has over 25 years of experience in moving, and customer service is our highest priority. Nevertheless, it is always wise to be fully protected during your move. Keystone   offers a variety of options to protect your belongings:

The Value Plan
$0.60 (thirty cents) per pound per article valuation (Released Valuation).

On moves that are charged by the hour, in accordance with Puc  & Department of Transportation regulations, your Bill of Lading issued by Keystone  provides a “valuation” (i.e. insurance), at no cost to you, of the greater of sixty cents per pound on local moves or sixty cents per pound on long distance moves, per article; or
$2,500 for the entire shipment.
This is a minimum amount of protection and the customer should be aware that this does not provide full coverage insurance for belongings. Having this protection does not exclude the purchase of additional third party insurance.

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